New York City Solar Power Installations More Than Doubled in 2010

solar power installation new york city photo

photo: Evan O'Neil/Creative Commons

Last week it was New York City's sewage treatment plants embracing poo power and other renewable energy sources. Now comes the good news from utility ConEd (via Smart Planet) that in 2010 New York City (which to ConEd includes Westchester County to the north, as its one of their service areas) installed more than double the amount of solar power than it did in 2009. In 2010, the five boroughs of New York City plus Westchester installed 4.519 megawatts of solar power, over 203 separate projects. Queens led the way with 1.538 MW, followed by Westchester at 1.148 MW. Installations in Brooklyn amounted to 861 kilowatts, in the Bronx they were 677 kW. Staten Island had 159 kW, with Manhattan trailing at 136 kW.

The previous year saw 1.863 MW installed in total, with the relative proportions of installations being similar.

That brings the total amount of solar power installed within the ConEd system to 8.5 MW.

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