New World Record Rooftop Solar Power Array to be Built at Milan Trade Fair

fiera di milano photo

Entrance to Fiera di Milano, photo: ...FX... via flickr

Milan will soon be able to boast that it hosts the world's largest rooftop solar power array, taking the crown from Zaragoza, Spain and its 12 MW array on top of a General Motors factory. The new array will be built on top of the Milan Trade Fair, cover about 270,000 square meters (2.9 million square feet), and have a capacity of 18 MW, Reuters reports: No word on exactly when construction will begin, or even who the final developer will be (a short list of potentials is currently being vetted), but the whole thing is expected to cost in the range €70-80 million ($97-111 million) and be completed by the end of 2010.

The Milan Trade Fair will not initially own the system, rather receiving rent from the solar power array's developer in exchange for the right to sell the electricity the system produces. However, after 20 years ownership of the array will be transferred to the Trade Fair.

It hasn't been decided how much (if any) of the power produced by the array will actually be used by the Trade Fair itself.

Largest US Rooftop Solar Power Array
The largest rooftop solar array in the United States is currently a 2.37 MW array on the Atlantic City convention center. The Port of Los Angeles has plans to install some 10 MW of rooftop solar power, to be completed in the next five years.

via: Reuters
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