New Wind Power Record in Spain: 40.8% of Total Demand!

Spain wind turbines

Last year we wrote about Spain's wind power production record, which was 27% at the time. That seemed like a lot, but a week ago, Spain's wind turbines produced 40.8% of total demand, or 9,862 megawatts of power.

There's a catch, though. The previous record was 10,032 megawatts, but that was 28% of total consumption because it happened during a week day and demand was higher. So this new record is a relative record, while the previous one stands as the absolute best in electricity produced. Still, it's impressive and we hope that others will pay attention and realize that it can be done.

Spain, which along with Germany and Denmark, is among the three biggest producers of wind power in the European Union, is aiming to triple the amount of energy it derives from renewable sources by 2020.

Spain's wind power industry currently enjoys a 30% annual growth rate.

In July the government approved legislation to allow offshore wind parks to be set up along the nation's vast coastline to take advantage of stronger, steadier coastal winds.

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