New Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Tested at Texas Grocery Store

h-e-b grocery store photo

photo: CJ C

TreeHugger has covered vertical axis wind turbines a number of times. Smaller in scale than most of their bladed cousins, most are intended for smaller-scale applications. Illustrating this is an announcement that Wind Energy Corp. has gotten a pilot project online in Texas, installing one of its turbines atop a 100’ tower next to a Weslaco H-E-B grocery store. Here’s the skinny on this new development:
Originally announced back in February of this year, the pilot project is expected to last between 18 and 24 months. In addition to the turbine, two meteorological towers have been erected to study wind speed, and have been collecting data for the past six months.
Just a Prototype at This Point, but 150 Turbines Next Year
The prototype turbine is made of new carbon materials and will generate between 25-50 kilowatts depending on wind speed.

According to a Greentech Medial article on the announcement, Wind Energy Corp hopes to manufacture as many as 150 of these turbines in 2009. Eventually, the company says it would like to improve their turbines to the point where they can generate power at a cost of 11 or 12 cents per kilowatt-hour.

More at :: Wind Energy Corp. and :: Greentech Media
photo: Wind Energy Corp
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