New Stove Project Could Save 28 Million Tonnes of CO2


Pioneer Carbon, the project origination and sourcing arm of UK-based offset company Climate Care (who only recently announced they had offset over 1 million tonnes of CO2 since they were founded), has just launched a partnership with Camco International to undergo a trial installation of 400 Chinese cooking stoves that could save up to 8 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each per year. If the trial proves successful, the organizations are hoping to roll out funding for over a million stoves. They claim the accumulated emissions savings could be as high 28 million tonnes in the first five years of the project. This from their press release:

The Daxu stove design won the Enterprise Award in this years Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy, presented by Al Gore. The stove, used for both cooking and heating, is over 40%-efficient and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about 8 tonnes per year. It is specifically designed to use compressed crop waste in the form of briquettes. It combusts the fuel using a controlled supply of air that first produces a gas, which is subsequently burned in the stove.

To date, 17,000 stoves have been installed through a direct subsidy by the County. The market barrier to further implementation is the high initial cost compared to coal stoves, so carbon financing will ensure the economic viability of the project on a much larger scale.

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