New Spanish Wind Power Record: Wind Supplies 43% of Spanish Electric Demand

wind turbines in spain photo

photo: einalem

Who says that wind power can’t provide large parts of a nation’s electric needs? For a brief period on Monday, November 24th wind power provided 43% of all of Spain’s demand for electricity, according to the Spanish wind power association. (AFP/Yahoo News) At around 5 AM, wind power generated 9,253 megawatts of power out of a total demand of 21,264 megawatts. OK, fine. So demand was low because of the early hour of the morning, but it’s still a record worth noting. The previous wind power record for Spain was 40.8% , set back in March of this year. For the year, wind power is expected to supply about 11% of total Spanish electricity demand.

Good, But US Town Is All Wind Powered
If you think that’s good, the town of Rock Port, Missouri manages to supply 123% of its electric demand through wind power. Residents of that town have the honor of living in the first fully wind powered town in the United States.

via: AFP/Yahoo News
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