New Solar Photovoltaic Window System Announced by RSi Solar

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Not the RSi solar windows but look at the potential... photo: charmar

Say building integrated solar power and most people (who've heard the term...) will think of discreet roof tiles which look like regular roofing material but are really solar panels. Well, here's a new twist on the concept: RSi Solar has announced the "world's first transparent, photovoltaic glass window" which the company claims can result in savings of up to 50% on a buildings heating and cooling requirements. Here's more:Complete Photovoltaic Window System
Depending on the size of the window, which are available up to 9x9', they are rated at 80-250 watts each.
Furthermore the will be available with "comprehensive options, such as fire and bulletproofing, to meet design, weather, climate and building code requirements."

From their press release:

The RSi PV-Glass Window uses the sunlight, and heat from the sun, to generate electricity,
reducing heat, and providing a semi-transparent window that provides privacy, while maintaining
a comfortable level of visibility to the outside world. At the same time, RSi PV-Glass Windows
provide a 100% reduction in Ultraviolet and Infrared radiation, adding that extra level of protection
not offered by standard glass windows.

RSi also points out some 'smart home' tech that can be embedded in the system: built in electrical privacy curtains and a "new technology that converts the entire window into a light panel".

via: Business Wire
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