New Solar Energy Potential Map Seamlessly Covers All of Western Hemisphere

3tier solar potential map image

image: 3TIER

TreeHugger likes maps; well, at least I like maps. And interactive maps which display the renewable energy potential of all of the Western Hemisphere are even cooler. Though 3TIER’s wind power potential map has been available for a few months now, at Solar Power International they’ve revealed their latest endeavor: A high-resolution interactive map that promises to enable wind developers, government policy makes and project financiers to make better decisions about where to site solar power projects.

Company CEO Kenneth Westrick had this to say in touting this new online tool:

To produce this map, 3TIER developed a dataset that is approximately three times the resolution of existing industry solar data standards for the United States.

This is the first and only database of the solar resource that covers all of North, Central and
South America. Not many organizations have the expertise and supercomputing resources to synthesize such massive amounts of historical satellite data or a tool like 3TIER’s FirstLook to present the data in a simple and elegant way.

Consumers Can Get Basic Data For Free, The Detailed Stuff Will Costs Money
Though it’s really not intended for the consumer—some of the data as well as detailed reports are available for a fee—if you’re interested in checking out just how much solar potential exists in your neck of the woods, 3TIER provides the Global Horizontal Irradiance data for free at: FirstLook Prospecting.

More at: 3TIER.

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