New Ontario Wind Farm Switched On

melancthon wind.jpg

Here in Ontario, a land blessed with wind and water and, 50 years ago, one of the most well managed public hydro systems is the world, we now have brownouts, rotting nuclear reactors, crumbling infrastructure and "stranded debt". One of the few bright spots: today the Melancthon 67.5 megawatt Wind Farm went on line. "Two years ago, Ontario only had 15 megawatts of windpower capacity. The McGuinty government has set the wheels in motion to bring online over 1300 megawatts of windpower capacity by the end of 2008, an 80-fold increase." says Energy Minister Donna Cansfield. "The government is continuing to deliver on its promise to support renewable energy as part of its overall plan to build a sustainable energy future for Ontario," She didn't mention $ 70 Billion that the Ontario Power Authority wants to spend on new nukes. ::Melacthon Wind Project and read ::David Suzuki on Nuclear Power