New Online Small-Scale Wind Turbine Power Calculator Tool Launched by Carbon Trust

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photo: thingermejib via flickr

Want to make the most out of your small-scale wind turbine plans? Or just see if the one you're planning on purchasing will ever generate enough electricity to pay back its embedded carbon emissions? Well, the Carbon Trust has launched an online tool to help you work out how much power that turbine could generate, as well as how much you could cut your carbon savings:The Carbon Trust touts their new calculator:

The new Carbon Trust Wind Yield Estimation tool is the most rigorous of its kind. Other currently available tools do not incorporate land use information, which is vital to accurately model wind behaviour, particularly for urban areas. The tool has also been created using 30 years of data from the Met Office’s 220 weather stations. The launch follows a Carbon Trust report published last year which found that turbines in some rural locations can provide cheaper electricity than the grid, but in many urban situations, roof-mounted turbines may not pay back the turbine’s own carbon footprint from the energy used to manufacture it.

More: Carbon Trust (press release)

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