New Municipal Waste-to-Ethanol Facility Planned for Mississippi

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TreeHugger has covered the goings-on of Enerkem on a couple of occasions: Turning telephone poles into fuel and helping develop an industrial scale municipal waste-to-ethanol facility are definitely worth a mention.

The latest from the Montreal-based company? A new second generation biofuels plant in Mississippi:60% of Landfill's Waste Turned to Fuel
Announced today, Enerkem plans on building a new biofuels plant in Pontotoc, Mississippi which will turn approximately 189,000 tons of unsorted municipal waste, construction and demolition debris and treated wood into 20 million gallons of ethanol. About 60% of the waste which enters the Three Rivers Landfill will be used for fuel production, with the remainder being distributed to recycling processors.

In a press release, Vincent Chornet, President and CEO of Enerkem said,

This project is unique in that it uses a mix of municipal solid waste—which has negative costs—and wood residues as feed stock, allowing Enerkem to achieve substantial commercial scale and favorable economics.

The $250 million facility will be owned and operation by Enerkem Mississippi Biofuels, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enerkem, Inc.

No word on exactly when the facility is expected to open. Enerkem and the Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Authority are negotiating the final financial and binding agreements.

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