New Jersey Supermarkets Get US's Largest Solyndra Cylindrical Solar Panel System

solyndra foodtown photo

photo: Solis Partners

It's been nearly 18 months since Solyndra's innovative solar panels first debuted and, after a whole bunch of sales announcements, a half billion dollar loan from the DOE, we're starting to see some projects being completed. The latest is the installation of Solyndra systems on six Foodtown supermarkets in New Jersey. Four of the planned six systems have been installed, by Solis Partners, as of this week. The combined system consists of about 2,700 individual panels which are expected to produce over 600,000 kWh of of electricity annually.

I know, I know, calling a system spread out over six locations the largest may be stretching PR credibility, but it's really pretty cool because of the type of system it is.

solyndra image

image: Solyndra
Cylindrical Panels Capture Direct and Reflected Light
In case you haven't heard of them, Solyndra solar panels consist of tubes which have been coated with thin-film PV material and assembled into a flat, modular panel. These units require no mounting hardware beyond some brackets which prop them up slightly from the roof surface, and they just snap together at the edges. The combined weight and resistance of the unit keeps them stable. The main roof modification is making sure the roof is light colored so sunlight gets reflected back onto the bottom and sides of the individual tubes.

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