New Jersey Beats California For Most New Solar Power Installations

Apparently, Jersey is were it's at, at least for solar power installations this year: PV Magazine reports on new stats for US solar power installations, showing that New Jersey has knocked California down a notch.

In Q1 2012 New Jersey installed 173.8 MW of solar power, while California installed 148.4 MW. Arizona, Massachusetts, and Tennessee round out the top five positions, each installing a fraction of what was installed in California and New Jersey.

In both New Jersey and California, commercial installations form the overwhelming majority of new installations.

In total for the US, 506 MW of solar photovoltaic power was installed in the three months of the year, an increase of 85% over what was installed in the same period in 2011. For the year as a whole, the Solar Energy Industries Association forecasts 3,200 MW of new installations.

The report cites falling prices and the federal Investment Tax Credit as driving the increased installations so far this year. SEIA's Tom Kimbis also notes that, "Solar leasing is really taking off in many states in which it is legislatively allowed, and solar companies are lobbying hard to see that is made available nationwide."

New Jersey Beats California For Most New Solar Power Installations
In the first three months of 2012 the Garden State installed roughly 20 MW more solar power than the Golden State.

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