New Jersey Approves 80 MW PSE&G; Solar4All Program - Doubles State's Solar Power Capacity

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photo: Mark Lovretin/PSEG

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has just approved utility PSE&G;'s Solar4All program, which aims to install some 80 MW of solar power throughout the state by 2013. Some of the details have changed somewhat since TreeHugger first heard of the project back in February, so here's what's been approved:Solar4All consists of two segments: One with decentralized power and one with centralized power. Each are 40 MW in size.

40 MW Decentralized Power
The decentralized part will install solar panels (each under 200w in size) on some 200,000 telephone poles in about 300 communities across the state. The electricity produced from this, the largest pole-mounted solar installation in the world (didn't know such a category existed...), will be sent by PSE&G; into the wholesale electric grid.

40 MW of 'Solar Gardens' and Rooftop Arrays
The centralized part will develop "solar gardens" and rooftop solar power arrays on facilities already owned by PSE&G; as well as at third-party sites. All of these will be at least 500kw, with the largest being 25 MW.

The final location of these sites has yet to be determined, but PSE&G; sites under consideration are in Union, Middlesex, Burlington Country, and Mercer counties.

New Jersey Has the Second-Largest Solar Power Capacity in US
Though it has slightly more than 80 MW of current solar power capacity, New Jersey doesn't pop to mind as being a hotbed of solar power, but in fact the state has the second-largest amount of installed solar power in the entire United States, only California has more (528 MW).

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