New Innovations In Tidal Energy

Although it gets considerably less mainstream media attention than solar and wind energy, tidal power could play an integral role in reducing our reliance on fossil generated power. As has been mentioned in these pages, New York City is currently testing tidal energy in its East River. Meanwhile a number of companies are working to improve the design and efficiency of tidal turbines. Blue Energy Technology and Marine Current Turbines Ltd are among those companies that are competing for market share. Backed by the Canadian National Research Council, Blue Energy Technology’s predecessor has been testing wave energy units since the early 1980s. Marine Current Technologies has installed an experimental 300 kW single 11 m diameter system off Lynmouth, Devon, UK. This project was installed in May 2003 with the support of the UK DTI, the European Commission, and the German Government. Both companies are working towards the installation of systems capable of generating up to 10 MW. Although tidal power remains in the early stages of development, its promising to see the introduction of new and competing designs.