New Directions For Federal Energy Policy

It's obvious that the US Congress will take a new tact on energy policy, beginning January of 2007. The Washington Post gives us a glimpse of what's coming . " Energy issues will have to go through Rep. John D. Dingell of Michigan (pictured), the ranking Democrat and presumptive chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee". " Dingell said he would back measures to promote new energy technologies, diesel fuel and cars, electric vehicles, and conservation in buildings " And, in an interesting sidebar: "Alan Reuther, legislative director for the United Auto Workers, which has opposed mandated fuel-economy increases, said lawmakers could rally behind legislation promoting advanced vehicle technologies and expanding the markets for ethanol and diesel fuels".The Society of Environmental Journalists put up a nice prospectus as well: "On the menu: more research and support for energy alternatives such as wind, clean diesel, plug-in cars, and green buildings. Off the menu: tax breaks and giveaways for oil, drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or many offshore tracts".

Hint to Senate and Congressional staffers, TreeHugger's archives are your go-to place to see the latest and greatest examples of what Congress will be looking at, along with reactions from our readers.

Question for our readers. Would you enjoy reading more about Congressional doings on energy policy?

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