New Danish Smart Wind Turbine Sees the Wind, Adjusts Itself for Optimum Power Generation

wind turbine photo

photo: Shane Gavin via flickr.

Here's a tantalizing, if brief, glimpse at the future of wind turbine optimization: Physorg passes on the news that Denmark's Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy have announced the world's first successful test of a wind turbine that uses a built-in anemometer to adjust itself to the oncoming wind for optimum power generation:The system works by using a laser ("wind LIDAR") to essentially see the wind before it reaches the turbine blades and adjust to what the conditions are going to be a moment later. By doing so electricity production can be increased by 5%, translating into increased revenue of DKr 200,000 ($39,000) per year for a 4 MW turbine.

In its press release Risø DTU says, "The LIDAR system can be used to increase blade reliability by making the blades cope better with the irregularities of the wind. Subsequently it is possible to produce larger blades. This increase energy production, and power from wind energy energy becomes more competitive."

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