New Battery Design Charges in One Minute

toshiba battery.jpg
Electric devices often have been limited in their use by the time it takes to charge them. Now Toshiba has developed a battery that reaches 80% of a full charge in less than a minute. This has advantages for treehuggers- according to the wonderful google auto-translation from the Japanese release,

"As for the new model electric battery, because it is possible, to do the charging and of rapidity at large capacity, it is possible to apply to also the regenerative use of electric power. Because it can utilize without making electricity wasteful, you can expect also the contribution in the environmental aspect. At this corporation in the future, it does the product development which is directed to the application to electrical * industrial use and the like, keeps aiming toward the commercialization during 2006 years."

We think this means that it charges so fast that it can be used in regenerative systems (like braking) more efficiently than current devices. :: Toshiba Corp via :: Akihabara News by [LA]