New 'Bioliq' Processing Method Could Bring Down Liquid Biofuel Cost

bioliq processing plant photo
Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany have developed a new method of pre-processing biomass that they say can bring the costs of producing liquid biofuels down to €0.50-1.04 per liter ($2.65-5.12 per gallon)

The process is called bioliq, and using pyrolysis, converts plants to an oily 'biosyncrude' which is 10 times more dense that the amount of plant materials used to make it. This processing would be done at several locations and the bioynscrude transported to a central locations for final processing:

Nicolaus Dahmen, who led the research, based the cost estimates on existing plants where coal and natural gas are converted to liquid synthetic fuel. Scientists said several things contributed to the lower costs: building bioliq pre-processing plants on existing brownfields, reducing transport costs with dense biosyncrude instead of bulky biomass, and operating a large, productive central plant.

A pilot plant based on this processing method is currently under construction and hoped to by operating by 2012.

via: Cleantech
photo: Air Liquide
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New 'Bioliq' Processing Method Could Bring Down Liquid Biofuel Cost
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