Nearly 50% of Prince Charles' Energy Comes From Renewables - Emissions Dropped 22% Last Year

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photo: Mark Hak/Creative Commons

In amongst reports about Prince Charles' finances on BBC News are some really impressive stats on how well one of the world's most high-profile environmental advocates walks the talk. Hint: Renewable energy usage is key.Official figures from Clarence House (Prince Charles' personal organization as it were, as well as official London residence) show that its carbon emissions fell 22% last year.

Some 30 solar panels are being installed at the actual Clarence House in London and 400 are being installed at Charles' farm in Gloustershire. Both systems will be grid-tied and any excess electricity produced will be fed into the grid, generating income.

All told, about 50% of the royal household's energy was generated from renewable sources.

Presumably that figure doesn't include the Prince's substantial travel, which increased in 2010 to a seemingly astonishing (to this author) 34,000 miles by rail and air, most of which the original article points out is done on behalf of and decided by the UK Foreign Office and government.

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