NC lawmakers aim to stop wind farm (except it's already been built)

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Lloyd might be right when he says that the real anti-renewables action is taking place on the state level. Here in NC, a particularly egregious example is playing itself out.

According to the Associated Press, a group of GOP law makers are aiming to scupper the state's first large-scale wind farm, even though that farm is already built and pretty much ready to power up. The problem, they say, is that the 104 turbines may interfere with Navy radar systems in Chesapeake, Virginia.

There's only one problem: the Navy told news program 10 On Your Side categorically that they won't. In fact, Avangrid—the company developing the wind farm—has worked closely with the Navy on both placement of the turbines and plans for managing their operation so as to minimize any interference with military operations. Local State Representative Bob Steinburg is also chiding his Republican colleagues, telling 10 On Your Side "“We’ve already planned on this and the revenue coming in. It doesn’t make any sense.”

So, the Navy says it's fine. The local lawmaker says it's fine. The project is already built. And it will generate enough electricity for 60,000 homes—being sold to online retail giant Amazon under an already agreed contract. (Amazon is unlikely to be happy about this, potentially bolstering the ranks of other high profile tech companies questioning NC renewables policy.) And yet a determined group of lawmakers seem hell-bent on throwing a spanner in the works.

May we live in interesting times...

NC lawmakers aim to stop wind farm (except it's already been built)
They say the turbines will interfere with the Navy. But the Navy says they won't.

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