National Grid Wants Your Roof! Utility Looking to Install Solar Panels on Customer's Homes & Businesses

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This one’s a twist on decentralized solar power generation, the solar-as-service model of energy development, and traditional utility-owned power. National Grid has announced that is has filed preliminary paperwork to develop up to 50 MW of solar power in Massachusetts under the state’s Green Communities Act. Big deal, right? Fifty megawatts may be a drop in the energy demand bucket, but the interesting thing is in one of the ways which National Grid hopes to use up their 50 megawatts:Utility Would Install & Maintain Solar Power Systems
In their press release, National Grid outlines how they will develop solar power under the Act. It’s the second one that caught my eye:

Developing, building and owning solar installation across the state, initially and four National Grid-owned locations in the Greater Boston area.

Working with customers throughout Massachusetts to identify locations where National Grid would install, own and maintain solar generation on customer-owned buildings or properties—such as state and federal government-owned buildings and public schools in the Commonwealth—and promoting solar education and science curricula in schools where solar systems are located.

Providing education and advice to customers who want to participate in existing solar initiatives as a supplement to National Grid’s energy efficiency programs.

Details Not Yet Entirely Fleshed Out
National Grid hasn’t provided details on what incentive home or business owners would have if they allow the utility to use their roof space to for solar power installation, but I like the idea of utilizing as much roof space as possible for solar power. And, assuming the details work out, this could allow for more individuals, as well as communities as a whole, to reap the benefits of solar power without bearing any of the financial risk. Potentially a win-win for the utility, communities, individuals, and (at risk of hyperbole) the planet.

National Grid To Solar Power It’s Own Buildings First
The buildings which National Grid owns and are to be graced with 1-1.5 MW solar installations are in Revere, Dorchester, Everett and Haverhill. Installation will begin in spring 2009; design and construction costs for all four facilities is expected to be about $38 million.

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