NASCAR's Pocono Raceway Adds 3MW Solar Power Array

pocono raceway nascar solar image

Solar power negotiates the NASCAR "tricky triangle."
Image credit:Pocono Raceway website.
Pocono Raceway has announced installation of a three megawatt solar farm, sufficient to meet the entire track's electricity needs and to add power to the local energy grid (especially when no races are being held). The 25-acre solar array will be on former parking lots, no longer needed after a reconfiguration. Sun-powered electrons will be racing Pocono circuits, starting in the spring of 2010.

NASCAR's Director of Green Innovation had this to say.From the press release, via

"Pocono Raceway's solar energy project is the biggest renewable energy stadium project in the world by more than two times," said Dr. Mike Lynch, Managing Director of Green Innovation at NASCAR. "It's going to be an awesome achievement, setting a high bar for all facilities throughout sports."
So...NASCAR gets a green flag.

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