MSolar Portable Solar Power System By Solzar: 20, 50, Or 100 Watts In A Box

Msolar portable solar power solution iimage

The pictured MSolar (Portable Solar Power Solution) devices by Solzar look like a metal tool box; but, there's some design going on. They come pre-wired with the appropriate solar panels, balance of system electronics, and batteries. The MSolar product line is suggested for emergency services communication power backup, recreation, emergency power relief, and temporary lighting. Look below for TreeHugger links to 12V, 16V, and 24V application ideas.

Solzar sells via Amazon Webstore. The smallest MSolar version, a sweet looking 20W juice box, goes for US$676.40. They also have 50W and 100W versions, selling for $1,292.00 and $2,452.90, respectively. Look below the fold for a copy of the specs table.

msolar specifications table image

What would you run off this system?
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