MSNBC Checks Out Construction of Largest Offshore Wind Farm in Europe (For Now)

offshore wind turbine construction photo

Photo of an offshore wind farm under construction (but not Rødsand II), gives an idea of what it looks like. Photo: Flickr, CC.
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Last November Matt wrote about Denmark's huge offshore wind farm project which, when completed, should be Europe's largest. MSNBC had a short piece on it (see video below). It doesn't add much new information (they say 91 turbines instead of the 90 initially planned), but it's always good to see such a big project on track, and seeing the scale of the wind turbines on video is quite impressive.

Wikipedia has a list of offshore wind farm projects (built, under contruction, and planned). Of those under construction, the one mentioned in the video above falls about in the middle when it comes to capacity.

The biggest one is UK's Greater Gabbard, which is located 23 Km off the coast of Suffolk and will have a capacity of 500 megawatts (planned for 2011). In second place, with 400 megawatts, is Germany's BARD Offshore 1, located 100 km north of the isle Borkum in the North Sea.

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