Morocco aims for 100% renewable energy

morocco desert photo
CC BY 2.0 Tariq Daouda

With many countries and utilities 100% committed to breaking up with coal, there are positive signs that our world may finally be moving toward a low carbon economy. Morocco—which recently hosted the COP22 summit to discuss implementing the Paris Climate Agreement—is emerging as an increasingly impressive contender in the transition away from fossil fuels.

As reported over at Cleantechnica, the North African country has announced its intention to achieve 100% renewable energy. We probably shouldn't be surprised. Morocco was already aiming for nearly 50% renewable electricity by 2020, and also made headlines for pledging to ax fossil fuel subsidies.

Still, it's extremely encouraging to see nations stepping up and defining what the ultimate end goal needs to be. Given the increasingly dire headlines on how climate change is unfolding—from coral die offs at the Great Barrier Reef to rapidly accelerating ice melt in the Arctic—we have every reason to pick up the pace on climate mitigation and adaptation. Countries like Morocco, which will face more than their fair share of climate change impacts, have a vested interest in taking a leadership role. The rest of the world can decide if it wants to participate as an innovator, or play catch up once the rest of the world has already moved on...

Morocco aims for 100% renewable energy
Some will lead. Others will follow. But the journey has started and there's no turning back.

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