More to Hate About Coal Plants: They are Fish Killing Machines


Bay Shore Power Plant, Oregon, Ohio. Source

If you want to go fishing on Lake Erie, you can get a licence to catch up to six walleye and 25 perch per day. Unless you are First Energy and run the Bay Shore Plant in Oregon, Ohio. Then you are allowed to suck up 46 million fish per year. Says their spokesman: "We comply fully with the regulations in our current EPA-issued permit and will continue to do so."


Bay Shore Plant via Google

Sandy Bihn of the Western Lake Erie Waterkeeper Association says "(Company) studies show that 24,000 walleye and 12,000 various size (juvenile and larval) walleye and perch, on average, are killed every day. Yet First Energy pays nothing and does little to nothing to reduce the kills."

The problem could be solved with a cooling tower, but lake water cooling is a lot cheaper. So power companies get to build plants in spawning grounds. Then again the fish are going to be contaminated by the mercury from the plant anyways so it probably doesn't matter, right? Detroit News: Ohio power plant called a fish 'killing machine' via Great Lakes Blogger
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