Mooving Right Along Now — Cow Dung Fuel


If you were Japan and you imported nearly all your oil (and you don't have an arctic wilderness to ravage) where would you go looking for an alternative? Probably not inside the steaming paddock patties that is cow dung. But scientists at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology donned rubber boots and clothes pegs to go where others fear to tred. And they've managed to somehow extract petrol from moo poo. Not much mind you: "1.4 milliliters (0.042 ounces) of gasoline from every 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of cow dung". But given that each year Japan has an estimated 500,000 metric tons (551,155 U.S. tons) of bovine excrement to play with, they might be onto something. Though the high pressure and heat used in the extraction method might cancel out some of the benefit, the scientist have their fingers are crossed for commercialisation within five years. Tipster Saul V. pointed us to the story in ::USA Today. Found the Origami Cow pic here.