Montreal Plans Ban on Wood Stoves


Big surprise: Wood stove salesman thinks ban would be "bad for industry." Image Peter McCabe

While TreeHugger warms up to pellet and wood stoves, the City of Montreal is banning their installation in new construction or renovation.

Andrew Chung of the Star notes that using a wood stove for only nine hours, or a high-efficiency stove for 2 1/2 days, produces as much fine-particle pollution as does a car in a year, according to a study by Environment Canada.Since Quebec gets almost all of its energy from electric hydropower, in winter 47 per cent of the air pollution is attributed to stoves and fireplaces, far more than either industry sources or cars and trucks.

"People tend to think of these things as romantic, providing a nice ambience," said Alan DeSousa, the committee member responsible for the environment. "I don't think they know the impact on their health."

Fortunately, wood fired bagel ovens will be exempt.

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