Mon Dieu! France to Quadruple Solar Power Capacity by 2011

paris sunrise photo

photo: Alexandre Duret-Lutz/Creative Commons via flickr.

A few days ago Australia's prime minister announced that the nation would be making a serious leap in solar power installation. Cleantech reports that now France aims to make a big jump as well, more than quadrupling solar power capacity in the next two years:The plan was announced by Minister of Ecology Jean-Louis Borloo and would see some 300 MW of solar power installed by 2011, across the entire nation. Total investment in the projects would be €1.5 billion ($2.04 billion). Bidding for construction of the projects was opened on May 15.

France gets nearly 88% of its electricity from nuclear power. It currently trails behind Germany, Spain, and Italy in terms of total solar power capacity with a mere 69 MW installed.

via: Cleantech
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