Mid-East's Largest Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant to be Built In Dubai

solar technologies fze factory image

image: Solar Technologies FZE

In an area of the world with no shortage of sunlight, awash in oil wealth (and being able to detect the way the cleantech wind is blowing...) and with a penchant of late of doing things to the n-th degree it should come as no surprise that the Middle East's largest solar panel manufacturing facility will be built in Dubai.

1-Million Square Foot Facility to Open 2010
Announced at the Green Dubai World Forum 2008 the 1-million square foot Solar Technolgies FZE facility is expected to begin construction at the end of 2008, with production beginning in 2010. No word on how many panels the plant will be able to turn out in a year, but Khaleej Times says that "The first phase will see the production of solar panels as big as 5.7sqm."

via: Khaleej Times and Clean Technica
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