Microsoft Bing Features Solar Panels

bing solar panels search engine image

Image: Bing screen grab.
And Today It's an Oil Pipeline...
Statistically, most of you reading this are probably using Google to search the web, and so you haven't seen the image above. It's a screen grab of Bing, Microsoft's search engine. Not quite a Google-killer, but it will soon power Yahoo search and has about 10% of the search market in the US. A couple days ago, Bing featured on its homepage a photo of solar panels, with links to articles explaining solar cell technology and videos about renewable energy. Bing might not have Google's reach, and regardless of whether you like Microsoft or not, it's still cool that they're exposing millions of people to solar power (these people might not otherwise have looked for that info). Thanks Bing! Now how about powered the Bing data-centers with solar or wind power? Now that would help, though it wouldn't be as cool as Google's solar thermal tech or Google's investment in wind farms...

But I like what they've done with Hohm (which Jaymi wrote about here). It's a website that helps you make your house more energy efficient. Check it out if you haven't.

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