Miami Beach Still Loves its Patio Heaters

patio-heaters ocean drive photo

In the UK, patio heaters are nowhere to be seen, and George Monbiot called for their ban three years ago. But on the sidewalks of Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, it is 65 degrees and you can't ask the customer to put a sweater over their Versace top. So out come the patio heaters by the hundreds.


When you mention to anyone that these things are burning fossil fuels and creating greenhouse gases for the sole purpose of letting people eat breakfast in tank tops in the middle of winter, they look at you as if you are nuts.

If you question why a guy is just standing with a hose running to clean a sidewalk, not even moving a broom or even swishing the water, but just standing there with a hose, they say that this is the way we do things.

Over at Planet Green, Jessica put together a green city guide, but there is little sign of anything green in South Beach- lots of fancy cars idling by the curbs, smoky scooters for rent everywhere, not very many cyclists and more patio heaters than tourists.

If anyone has any green advice for someone visiting Miami, please let us know in comments.

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