Mexico Launches $550 Million Wind Farm in Oaxaca

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It was a big week for renewable energy in Mexico. Yesterday we reported that Wal-Mart Mexico has just installed a 174 KW solar array on the roof of one of its stores in the northern city of Aguascalientes. Thursday also brought the launch of one of the world's biggest wind farms in the southern state of Oaxaca by the Mexican building materials multinational company CEMEX. The move is a step in the right direction by the global cement industry, which contributes about 5 percent of the planet's total CO2 emissions.The Eurus wind farm is a self-generation project that, when completed by the end of 2009, will supply 25 percent of CEMEX Mexico’s energy needs and gives the company carbon credits to apply under the Clean Development Mechanism, a pollutant trading system mandated under the Kyoto Protocol. It has been developed jointly between CEMEX and ACCIONA Energia and includes 167 wind turbines with 1.5MW of capacity each, totalling 250 MW. Within 10 years, the project is expected to mitigate the release of six million tons of of CO2. Some 500,000 tons will be certified by 2012. It is located in Juchitan, Oaxaca in a 2,500 hectare area in the Tehuantepec Isthmus, a region believed to have the best wind resources in Latin America.

Mexico's Federal Electricity Commission, or CFE, has said that the country, which relies primarily on its oil resources for energy, would increase its mix of renewables by 23 percent (up from 2 percent of the current mix) by the end of the current administration in 2012.

Photo credit: Cemex

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