McDonalds Owner Converts Cars to Run on Veggie Oil


From the "we couldn't make this stuff up" file: A man in Mississippi, Robert Tomey, recently converted his two cars to run on vegetable oil. Using systems he bought from Greasecar, an online provider of veggie fuel systems, his Ford pickup and VW Beetle now emit a pleasant, french-fry-like odor and require just a bit of diesel to get them going. The irony: he owns four McDonalds franchises; thus, his supply of grease is nearly unlimited. "I throw away 10,000 gallons of grease every year from all my locations," Tomey said. "I have more than I can use." It's sure nice to see him putting some of that grease to good use (he thinks he could run a small fleet of 20-30 cars on the waste grease from his four locations), but, while McDonalds the corporation has made strides in social and environmental responsibility of late, they are far from perfect. We could go round and round about this one: "McDonalds is a large, un-sustainable, dirty corporation. Period." vs. "McDonalds is a large corporation that isn't going anywhere; might as well make the best of it and begin to close the loop. Congratulations to this man for starting to make a difference." We're leaning toward the latter. ::MSN via ::Jalopnik