Massive 40 GW Three Gorges of Wind Power Project to Start Construction

wind turbine photo

photo: Diego Silvestre via flickr

They're calling it the 'Three Gorges of the Land' and when completed the massive wind power project will have a capacity of 40 GW. That's what Xinhua is saying. What's more, 5 GW of that will come online by 2010, and 12 GW by 2015. Not to mention it will be constructed amazingly inexpensively, which is what raises some eyebrows over at the Wall Street Journal:Construction on the project will begin later this month outside the northwestern city of Jiuquan in Gansu Province. Beyond those first two capacity benchmarks, Xinhua says that by 2020 the project will reach 20 GW, with installed capacity eventually reaching 40 GW.

Total project costs are projected to top $17.6 billion, for what sounds like the first 20 GW but could also refer to the full 40 GW. In either case that's amazingly cheap; three times cheaper than the stalled 4 GW Pickens Plan wind farm.

How Can China Do It?
WSJ points out that the Chinese-made wind turbines which will be used are built less expensively than ones made in the US or Europe, and that the project is being done at least in part to spur local employment and turbine parts manufacture—so perhaps some of those costs don't fully reflect the actually price.

Provided it all comes to pass it will nevertheless be one massive renewable energy project. So let's hope the moniker it's been given doesn't prove to be too literal.

via: Wall Street Journal, Xinhua
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