Mass Global Sun Salute Supports Solar for Africa

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Image credit: Mike Baird, used under Creative Commons license.

We've been following with interest the exploits of the solar super heroes who are raising money for much-needed solar for schools in Africa. The latest initiative from these guys is fitting to say the least—yoga enthusiasts from around the Globe are being asked to perform a Mass Sun Salute to usher in clean energy for Africa.Organized by SolarAid supporter Claire Page, the idea is to gather thousands of yoga fans and solar supporters around the Globe on the summer solstice—21 June—to perform what is perhaps the best known series of yoga postures.

The event will last one hour, and participants are being asked for a GB£10 donation (US$15) which will go to supporting the work of SolarAid in Africa. Not sure why you should bother? Here's one of SolarAid's excellent videos once again—showing how clean energy may be crucial everywhere, but in rural Africa it can be a lifesaver.

Check out Sun Salute for Africa to find an event near you, or set up your own.

SolarAid | Meet a solar family from Brad Bell on Vimeo.

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