Mapping the Alternative Energy Potential of the United States

US geothermal resource map image

map courtesy of US Dept. of Energy

It may be rather basic knowledge for many readers of this site that different renewable energy sources have greater or lesser potential in te diverse parts of the United States. However, apparently Forbes thinks its readers need a refresher course on the subject, and has put together a slideshow of maps of the best places to develop wind, geothermal, solar, etc. both nationally and in individual states.

Alternative Energy Needs to Expand Rapidly
Forbes frames this slideshow with the stark preface of how much renewable energy, plus nuclear power plants will be required to replace the amount of oil currently consumed globally in a year:

Roughly 4.2 billion solar rooftops, 300 million wind turbines, 2,500 nuclear power plants or 200 Three Gorges Dams, according to Menlo Park, Calif., nonprofit research institute SRI International. In other words, no single category of renewable energy is growing anywhere near the speed it needs to bear the full brunt of displacing carbon-emitting fossil fuels anytime soon.

US wind energy potential map image

map courtesy of US Dept. of Energy

View the Forbes slideshow :: In Pictures: America’s Best Places for Alternative Energy.

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