Man's Death Linked to Wind Farm?

A man was found dead in a drainage canal, close to his home in Marshland St James in the UK. The quiet Norfolk town has been the centre of a controversial battle over proposed wind farms, to which many believe the death is linked.

Richard Herbert was one of a local group in support of wind-power, who wanted to build 26 turbines on land belonging to the group. They claim that members were intimidated by those against the plans. In a statement made by his family it was made clear that they believe this animosity was a factor in his death, "In recent months Richard's health had created cause for concern, and he had commenced treatment at the Fermoy centre, King's Lynn [a mental health facility]. Anxieties relating to the decline of farming coupled with opposition to a wind turbine farm and personal matters are believed to be behind his recent out-of-character behaviour."

The tension between pro and anti wind in the village had grown quite strong. An 85 metre-high anemometer was erected to test the suitability of the area for a wind plant, which was promptly destroyed by anti-wind protesters, causing £100,000 of damage. Not everyone is against alternative power, thankfully. Some local farmers like Nicholas Watts, rent land out for use by wind turbines. "We're raping this world, and we've got to try to do something about it. We got some flak when the planning application for these went in, and my wife said to me, 'Do you think it's really worth going on with this job?' But now we've got them up, it is worth it. I didn't do it for the money; I felt that I wanted to be producing some green energy."

The complaints are always the same — for example, local family, the Harlocks, complain of noise, and "shadow flicker" when the sun is low. They also claim that their TV signal is affected, "We don't have many pleasures in life, but our TV is one of them."

Chris Tomlinson of the British Wind Energy Association says, "There are onshore wind projects that would generate eight Giga-watts stuck in planning right now, that equates to 6% of the UK's electricity supplies. If we are going to meet the targets, the government has to start getting its policy out to local authorities. At the moment it's not monitoring it and it's not enforcing it. We have 40% of Europe's wind resource in this country. We should be getting on with the job." :: The Guardian

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Man's Death Linked to Wind Farm?
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