Man Drives Wind-Powered Car

wind power alternative energy electric car photo

Harold Smith of Prince Edward Island has it all figured out: He has a private 20 Kilowatt wind turbine, and electric Toyota and a licence plate that says NO GAS.

It helps that he lives on a flat and windy island, and that he can afford the C$ 128,000 that it cost to put it all together. But it is a sensible model that a lot of people could do, especially in places like PEI where all of their fuel has to be shipped in.

He doesn't have any problems with performance, either:

wind power alternative energy electric car wind turbine photo

Wind farm in PEI, via Wikipedia
"This car is a highway car," Smith told CBC News Thursday.

"It will run much faster than I would be willing to drive it and much faster than I would ever admit to the RCMP."

Prince Edward Island isn't very big, yet apparently imports C$ 200 million of fuel each year, much of which could be replaced if it took greater advantage of the wind. The head of environmental group ECO-PEI told the CBC:

"We can build an end-to-end solution, from the vehicle right back to the generating point, which can be wind energy."

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