Maldives Mandates At Least 60% Its Electricity Must Be From Solar Power By 2020

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photo: Christian Steen/CC BY

Being among the world's lowest-lying nations and therefore among the first to most acutely feel the effects of climate change, the Maldives has been in the forefront of climate activism and making as quick a transition as possible to renewable energy. The latest announcement, made in in New York City during Climate Week, is that at least 60% of the nation's electricity must come from solar power by 2020.In addition to that mandatory target, the Maldives' new Renewable Energy Investment Framework says about 80% of its electricity can come from renewable sources more broadly, without increasing the price of power. This would come from the aforementioned solar power, wind power, batteries and biomass (where that's going to come from in a fairly remote Indian island nation is a question mark). The plan envisions retaining diesel generators for reserve power.

The Maldives maintains its goal of becoming the world's first carbon neutral nation by 2020.

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