Make Your Own Algae for Biofuel Using Recycled Drink Bottles (Video)

Think you need some fancy set up to produce algae for biofuels, like used by some multi-million dollar company? Nonsense!

Check out this short clip on making a photo-bioreactor using recycled drink bottles. Over at Instructables all the steps are shown how to do this (the intro being embedded above). Skipping ahead, past making the carbon dioxide delivery system, attaching tubing to the manifold, mounting the water bottles, and other intermediate steps, we get to growth and harvesting:

After several days of sunlight and CO2 exposure, the algae are much denser. A French press is then used to extract the algae from the solution. The biomass of the dried algae can then be used as a fuel. As a by-product of this process, a large amount of atmospheric CO2 is sequestered.

algae in french press photo

All the steps: Instructables

via: CleanTechnica
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