Lux Research Suggest Clean Energy Bubble Might Burst


Lux Research have just released a press statement pertaining to their 600 page research paper, The Cleantech Report, which was picked up by the New York Times (free log-in required). They observe that spending on clean technology R&D; rose 9% from 2005 to be $48 billion USD by 2006. But it was the boom specifically in the energy sector of the industry that concerned them with initial public offering (IPO) values up 156% for 2006, mostly in solar and biofuels. The interest in the field may reflect the media’s fascination with the subject matter. Lux note that 3,485 articles appeared in major print media last year, a growth of 70%, while cleantech was also the subject of 29,874 scientific journal articles, with the rate of patents issued for cleantech ideas double the rate for patents overall. And though they feel energy might be currently receiving more than its fair share of speculative funding, investment in clean air, water, and waste is not yet up to scratch. Didn't someone once infer that renewable energy wasn't good for business and the economy? Maybe the venture capitalists weren't listening. ::Lux Research, via ::Sydney Morning Herald.

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