Los Angeles Voters Reject 400 Megawatts of City's Ambitious Solar Power Plan

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photo: Ron Reiring via flickr

Back in November, Los Angeles' plan to develop 1.28 gigawatts of solar power was announced with some fanfare. Now, after two weeks of sorting through votes cast on Measure B, which would have seen 400 megawatts of solar power placed on city-owned property, the city clerk's office has announced that Measure B has officially failed by a margin of one percent:Measure B had been a contentious part of the plan: LA Department of Water and Power would have owned all the solar power systems; others complained about the provision that city workers would install the systems, thereby blocking competing solar power installers from a serious amount of work.

Lest anyone think that LA residents don't want solar power (and a 1% margin is hardly a clear mandate), it seems like it's really the way that Measure B was worded that caused its defeat. Cleantechnica quoted Adam Browning of Vote Solar as saying, "Nobody was saying this shouldn't be done because we're worried about solar. The takeaway should be 'More solar for LADWP."

via: Cleantechnica
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