London Array, World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm, Begins Producing Electricity

london array photo© London Array

We've been writing about the twisted tale of the London Array, the massive offshore wind farm in the Thames Estuary, for some time—not surprising since it was proposed back in 2001 and has been on-again off-again for the entire time TreeHugger has been in existence. Well, a momentous milestone has been passed: Renewable Energy World reports that the project has generated its first electricity for the UK power grid.

When completed the first phase of the project will be 630 MW in size, but at the moment 15 of a total of 175 turbines have been installed. Construction of the remaining turbines is on track to be completed by the end of 2012, bringing with it enough electricity for over 470,000 UK homes.

A second phase of the project, should it be approved, would bring the final project size to 870 MW—a slight decrease from the originally planned 1 GW capacity.

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