Loma Linda Powers Up


We often wonder what would happen if all available roof space in a development were utilized for solar power. Well, here's a good example. The Solar "Powering Up Ceremony" for the Loma Linda California, USA Civic Center (pictured) is today, May 1, 2007. Via the Alpha Energy Co.-provided fact sheet about the project:- The "solar power system includes four independent systems generating energy for the Civic Center, Fire Station, Library and Senior Center. The 1600 solar panels installed on buildings and carports are inconspicuous but still visible to the general public. The system’s performance is monitored by the Fat Spaniel Technologies, Inc. web-based interface: PV2Web. By transforming raw energy data into a dynamic dashboard view, the interface provides live and historical views of the energy being produced, consumed and returned to the grid." (See http://www.fatspaniel.com/demos/system-data.html">real time example here)."When the 267kW solar power system is fully operational, it will provide over 430 MWh of electricity annually—enough to power 70 homes.

The solar system reduces 38 million lbs of carbon dioxide emissions annually that would have been produced by coal or gas fired power plants - the equivalent of removing 3,300 cars or 2,300 SUV’s from the roads."

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