Little Steps are Great, But Coal Stomps All Over Them


Yes, small steps are important. Big steps, like changing every single light bulb in the country to CFL would make a difference. However, The 2030 Challenge people point out that the CO2 emissions from just two medium-sized coal-fired power plants each year would negate this entire effort.

The 2030 Challenge to reduce energy consumption of all renovated buildings by 50% is a big deal. The CO2 emissions from just one 750 MW coal-fired power plant each year would negate this entire 2030 Challenge effort.

These facts are from a powerful ad by the 2030 Challenge that is running in the New Yorker. It should run everywhere. As Dave Roberts at Grist says, coal is the enemy of the human race; it certainly is the enemy of any attempt to do anything about global warming. ::2030 Challenge


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