Liquid Coal: The Stupid Fuel

We have had much sport with real marketing by the coal companies and their flacks, including silly print ad campaigns, hokey commercials, great parodies , blatant jerkness and insensitivity, and hilarious flag-wrapped branding.

Now cartoonist Mark Fiore adds his wit on behalf of the NRDC's campaign explain that there is no such thing as clean coal. EcoGeek summarizes the message: "the worst new energy technology in the world is undeniably liquid coal. Some people (mostly people who own coal mines) want to replace 100% of America's gasoline usage with a fuel that comes from coal. It produces two times more CO2, consumes three times more water than gasoline, and gives us more incentive to tear down our mountain ranges." Mark Fiore says it with pictures and humour at ::NRDC via ::EcoGeek

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