Lightweight Solar Water Heater Announced

SolarRoofs.Com has announced the introduction of a new solar water heating collector that weighs only 19 pounds. They are billing it as the first lightweight and easy-to-ship collector. It is delivered by UPS or FedEx ground delivery services. SolarRoofs claims that the reason why solar water heating hasn't caught on (like PV solar for example) is the weight of the collectors involved. They say that for over 30 years, the traditional solar water heater has been a big and heavy affair. An average 4 foot by 10 foot collector weighs in at over 150 pounds making it quite a chore to get up on a roof and to install. Their new Fireball "10-01" model is intended to make the installation easier and less weighty. :: SolarRoofs.Com (more info about collector in this PDF) via RenewableEnergyAccess.

[by Justin Thomas]