Library Late Fees in Alberta Are 16 Times Bigger than Environmental Fines at the Alberta Tar Sands


George Peridas, NRDC

The Alberta Tar Sands are called by some the most destructive project on earth, and their toxic tailing ponds kill birds and are poisoning downstream native communities. It has the worst air quality in the country, and companies regularly run afoul of exceedance limits, but in 2006 all of the oil companies were fined only $ 249,000. Library patrons in Calgary and Edmonton, on the other hand, were fined $4 million for overdue books.

"The Tar Sands is the largest fossil fuel project on the planet, home to toxic tailing ponds and Canada's worst air quality, and yet Albertans are fined more for returning their library books late"
says Gillian McEachern of Forest Ethics. "The Federal and Alberta governments either lack the capacity or are willfully ignoring the need to enforce environmental laws in the Tar Sands. The Tar Sands look more and more like a safe haven for the world's largest and most profitable oil companies to do as they please." ::press release from ::Forest Ethics
Effect of the Tar Sands
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